On a cold Wednesday night, a very frightened boy woke up feeling lost. His name was unknown, he didn’t know his quest in that world.

He spent the day walking in despair, hoping to be saved, but the world didn’t work in that way.

Angels would often guide his own path, only to realize that the child was blind.

A chain of bad decisions took him to the gates of the promised land. Everything in there was gold and bright like Versailles.

He thought he had it all. He had forgotten about his soul. Some candid warmness invaded his blood, he was now ready to explore.

Skin and lips seemed like a great voyage. The pleasures of the upcoming night seemed greater than his once called: “shallow path”.

But soon the gold would turn to coal. He was emptier than before. A devilish feeling invaded his soul, he was now getting ready to rot.

He would scream, but nobody would listen. He was drowning, but nobody would turn to see him.

Damnation was in the promised land, ’cause sometimes “tender” isn’t always the night.

He ran away scared, but somehow blaming himself. He jumped into a train and felt his soul was being extinguished like a flame.

No kiss, no man, no hand, ever made him recover his path.

The shadows of the night, the melancholia of a broken heart, drove him crazy and sad.

The golden boy he once was, had totally vanished in the past.

He took himself to an edge, while feeling anxious and depressed; he had only two options to take…

Either jump off the edge and get free of himself. Or to wait for somebody’s help to take him out of hell…

…but sadly no one would ever give him a hand.

(Originally published on 17/11/17)

Creative Director: Eduardo Guerra

Photography: Jesus Hernandez

Lighting Assistant: Alejandra Salas

Styling: Eduardo Guerra


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