All the pieces of the past were now coming back into place, the moment he woke up, he knew something had changed.

White lights over the skies, the sound of music under the clouds, truth was about to be unfold, the child was blind no more.

Looking back into his life, scheme, lies and gossip in the crowds. He was a prince, Versailles was on fire; goodbyes, sorrows and loss.

It took him a while to realize, those angels were demons in disguise, trying to take him underground, like a Sedgwick superstar.

Clear water up and down, there was no more north and south. The fake King of the Baroque, only wanted him to drown.

On his head: a presumptuous crown. On his hands: a poisonous flute. He had called everyone in town, setting a date and a time, for all of them to listen to his masterpiece of lies.

The child knew the truth: very few were those he could trust, so many the ones who were craving for his fall.

Between the living and the dead, he was given a chance for a change. He would go back from the dead, for he had always been more powerful than them..

…a resurgence was on the way.

(Originally published on 01/12/17)

Creative Director: Eduardo Guerra

Photography: Jesus Hernandez

Photography Assistant: Alejandra Salas

Styling: Eduardo Guerra


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