Suddenly A Pop Star

If five years ago someone had told me that I was going to write songs, that I was going to be able to produce my debut single and that it was all going to happen in England – to be more precise, in Liverpool, the city of The Beatles- I would probably have laughed! However, here we are, November 2019 and my debut single “Crown Victoria” is out on every streaming platform, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube and it was even played on BBC Radio (I’m trying not to scream as I write this, but I am way too excited, so I probably will anyway).

But how did this happen? Why, all of a sudden, I decided to go into music? Am I crazy? Maybe. Am I channeling my inner Taylor Swift? Probably. Do I think it took me too long to start writing songs? Hell yes.

As some of you know, I’ve been writing since I was ten years old, from my own Batman stories, to original tales, to five novels during my teen years, to this blog in my early twenties. I’ve tried it all when it comes to writing, but at the same time, I felt a bit limited in my own blog. I felt I couldn’t transmit the exact emotions I was feeling when certain things occured in my life… and music is always so good to transmit feelings and emotions, so I had been considering writing songs for quite a while, specially after everything I lived in 2017. All the changes in my life and moving to Europe felt like a lot of material just waiting to be written.

I wanted to give another step and make connections with people, showing my emotions through music.

During the summer of 2018 in Paris, I had a very torrid, very chaotic love story with a french guy, which I told to my best friend as soon as I got back to Mexico, who told me: “You should talk about this stories on YouTube or something, you should go back to doing vlogs” but that never really worked for me. I’m not a (v)logger… but I do know how to communicate. So after telling my parisian story to my bestie in Mexico City, I thought “Hmmm…. I should write a song about it”.

Then, that same summer, while I was visiting my family and staying at my mum’s in my hometown, Reynosa, I tried to write a song about that parisian story…. but nothing came up. I didn’t feel it. Maybe it was too soon to put my story into melodies and words – but I was decided, I wanted to do music now and nothing was going to stop me. Thankfully I’ve archived my love life in this blog over the last four years and had different posts to feel inspired from.

Drive Me In Your Crown Victoria” is the post I wrote in mid November 2016, after being dumped by my ex-boyfriend who had very compromising photos of local guys in his phone and was probably cheating on me with his”ex” friend with benefits. I remember I was so heartbroken, so angry, so sad, that after I walked out of his car, crossed the international bridge and got home, I started writing the post almost immediately. I think I had never felt so heartbroken in my life.

So, it comes as no surprise that when it came for me to feel inspired by one of my posts, “Drive Me In Your Crown Victoria”, literally got the crown.

It was the night of the 31st of July 2018, in my old bedroom at my mum’s house. I was back there after being in Europe for several months and I felt this sort of nostalgia after finding many high school memories, photos of my trips, props that we used in ORIGINS and photos from Austin, Texas. I was ready…. and that’s where it began. I took my notebook, a pen and started writing my first song.

I finished writing the song on September 4th 2018, when I was back in Liverpool. The song that talks about Austin and Texas roads was written between Reynosa, Mexico City, London and Liverpool, which I think is exciting.

I never took any music lessons, I don’t play instruments (tried and failed many times haha) so I had to manage with my own rhymes and sense of what sounds good and what just does not. How in the world was I supposed to write a song if I had no idea about music or keys, chords, do, re, mi, fa, sol, la , ti, do? I managed… and after Crown Victoria I wrote another one, and then another one, and another one, and another one….

I recorded the song in voice memos and kept it in my phone files for almost a year…. forgotten, abandoned, because producing my song was a crazy dream.

One morning this summer I woke up feeling like I hadn’t been creative enough in quite a long time (probably since Origins in 2017) I was going through my phone files and I re-discovered Crown Victoria (among all the other songs) and I thought… “Hell, this is good, why am I not there producing it? What am I doing here getting up at 8am everyday to get ready for uni, go there for two hours (two hours in which I am not being creative) to do nothing and then go to Sainsbury’s to buy milk and groceries for dinner when I could be producing the song and working on the cover art, the photoshoot, the ads, the posters and video.. that’s what I should do! So, feeling almost a bit annoyed with myself – and honestly with my boring life at university- I took my laptop and literally googled “music producers in the UK” and “music producers in Europe” I was decided to do whatever and go wherever to start working on something and be the best version of myself: the creative one. One link took me to another and then, luckily, I found Dan Scholes, a music producer and songwriter based in Liverpool.

Dan was born and raised in Liverpool, his studio is based in lovely Woolton -a few blocks away from where John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney met- he graduated from the prestigious Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts which was founded by the latter and went to open his own music production company DSM. Dan has many works out there that sounded really good to me so I didn’t hesitate to message him and ask to meet in person, because I wanted to show him the lyrics and the voice memos I had. A week later, we met at one of my favourite places in Liverpool, Cafe Tabac, and after he listened to my songs we agreed to start working together on my first single. My debut single.

Dan created the music for my lyrics and melodies, and by late September we started recording my vocals. It was a completely new experience for me, which is why I’m so glad I had Dan as my producer, because he is very friendly, approachable and his talent is undeniable. The rest is history!

I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to do something like this in my lifetime and proud for never having stopped writing about my life and putting it out there for the world to be able to read or relate to it if they wanted to, because now I have the chance to transform those blog posts, those stories, those romances, tears and heartbreaks into art. I feel happy for, whenever people told me “you shouldn’t write about those things”, never having stopped telling my love stories, because now, you can not only read about them, but you can also listen to them in 110 countries.

I don’t know what path there is for my creative future. As of today, I have an entire conceptual album in mind and five of its eleven songs already written, so I would like to focus on that over the next few years, but who knows? Maybe in six months I’ll be doing stand-up comedy! Maybe in three years I will be working as a dancer in Madrid! Maybe in five years I’ll be running a business! Maybe in two years I will be in the fashion industry! Or maybe, I will be married to the love of my life and learning the art of puppy parenting! Who knows, right? Life changes so drastically so quickly and I’ve always had this inner desire for being constantly reinventing myself, because I can’t stay the same forever and I honestly think we should all try to experiment a lot in our lifetimes, because if not that, then what?!

As of today, my name is Edua and I am happy to let you all know that you can now listen to my debut single “Crown Victoria” on every single streaming platform!


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